Capstone Project

Posted On: Tue Dec 24 2019 02:15:11 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

This is a capstone project titled "Munchies" for my CIT480 - Advanced Database Management course.

The basis for the project was to create a plan of what database to use, distribution techniques, redundancy & backups, form design, ERD, security, and DML. Although the project was meant to be more of a plan, I decided I wanted to create a project that was fully functioning.


  • Authentication - Users must login with a username and password in order to access the system
  • Authorization - Users must have correct permissions in order to enter areas such as the Administration Panel
  • Product Categories - Details product category description, and allows for viewing products related to selected category
  • Product Selection - Product Selection view displays the product name, description, and price
  • Product Views - Displays information pertaining to a selected product such as name, description, and image
  • Cart - Users can add varying quantities of different items, remove items, and proceed to payment method. Calculates subtotals and totals as well
  • User Profile - User can change their payment method and view a breakdown of individual transactions
  • Administration Panel - CRUD functionalities for users, products, vendors, and categories. Supports sorting and searching data live

Technologies Used

  • NodeJS - Serves as the backend for the website
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)  - EC2 Instance with NGINX, CloudFlare, and Route 53 to provide hosted environment
  • MySQL - Database language used in order to store user, product, vendor, and transaction information